Colour Me Wednesday

DIY indie punk pop band fronted by the Doveton sisters. Pre-order our upcoming second album!

Venue accessibility on our upcoming tour

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We want to be clear about how accessible each venue is that we're playing on our upcoming tour! A few points to start with:

- If you have a disability and require a personal assistant for any of the shows let us know in advance and we can ensure your PA does not have to buy a ticket by putting their name on our guest list. 

- We will ensure there will be no strobing lights at any of the shows

- All toilets will be gender neutral

- There will be some form of 'Chill out space/corner' at all of the shows

- No one will be turned away if low on funds.

Bristol- The Exchange

Accessibility: Exchange has a step free entrance from the street to the venue however toilets are not accessible as they are on the first floor. They have an agreement with the pub next door who are happy to let customers use their accessible toilets. If you would like a member of staff to accompany you to the pub, please just let one of the staff know.

Toilets: Gender neutral toilets upstairs. Ground floor toilets next door.

The venue is Bronze certified on Attitude is Everything. 

More detailed info here:

Leeds- Temple of Boom-

Has a ramp, so no steps, an accessible toilet and the Cafe is quiet. They don't have a lowered section of the bar.

Toilets: Will be gender neutral. Has a wheelchair accessible toilet. 

Extra info from a customer's perspective quoted from

"The main entrance to Temple of Boom has a step in the door, so wheelchair access is via the entrance used for vehicles. This entrance is a large archway, with double gates shutting it off from the public. Once through the gate, there is a short slope into the main courtyard. On the right is the bar and toilets. There is a concrete ramp into this building, and double doors plenty wide enough to allow a wheelchair through. An accessible toilet is available, complete with grab rails and emergency cords, but full changing facilities are unfortunately not included. The key to this toilet can be obtained from members of staff, who are all very friendly and accommodating. On the left is the room where events (concerts, wrestling shows etc.) takes place. There are two entrances; one has a small lip down into a narrow corridor which is surpass-able in a wheelchair, but if preferred the goods entrance is more accessible, with level access and a wider doorway." 

Liverpool- Sound Basement 

Accessibility: This gig is in the basement of Sound, Duke Street. There are about 20 steps down to the basement. 

Toilets: Will be gender neutral.

Leicester- Firebug

Accessibility: This venue is upstairs with no lift. Awaiting information on amount of steps. 

Toilets: Will be gender neutral.

London- Boston Music Room- 

Age restriction: 14+ 

Accessibility: Ground floor access. 

Toilets: Will be gender neutral. The site does not currently have a disabled welfare facility, which is something that is currently being assessed for the future. 

More detailed info here:

Brighton- Green Door Store

Ground floor, wheelchair accessible

Toilets: Gender neutral and wheelchair accessible


Album Launch Tour

Come and see us promoting our brand new album! All venues will have gender neutral toilets and no one will be turned away if low on funds. If you come to the London show you'll be in a chance of winning a big signed print of our album cover! Grab your advance tickets from the tour dates tab on our homepage!



Check out our music video for the first track from our new album!

Enjoy this sweet video to our song 'Sunriser' from our new album. Read about the story behind the song below.

Sunriser is about a serious relationship ending and even though it ended because of choices or mistakes your partner made the burden is still on you to remain the strong one and keep them in a healthy place mentally. They're holding you ransom with their emotions meaning you're not allowed to be too angry or upset with them for what they did. They're protecting their own mistakes from criticism by physically showing you how badly their mental health is as a symptom of their mistakes. It's also about that feeling of letting your guard down and feeling like you're usually good at reading signs (and have even considered yourself a bit psychic) but you're blinded by love and the trust you've invested in someone over many years. You know that sensation of free-falling? It's like that, but the person who would usually catch you is the one who pushed you. It's a disheartening feeling but makes you realise you can only rely on yourself to feel grounded and positive again. Other's actions, apologies or regrets won't give you the closure you need to help you move on. You have to raise the sun yourself. The song explores the feelings of grief you get after something has ended- switching between feeling hopeless and then hopeful. Going back in time to try and recapture the comfort of the past or make things how they were before won't help you feel alive again. Shortly after this happened we went on a European tour.

Video (mostly) filmed while on tour in Europe in 2016. Sunriser is the first single from our second album Counting Pennies in the Afterlife available from and

Filmed by Jennifer Doveton, Harriet Doveton and Katie Gatt. Edited by Jennifer. 

We head out on another European tour on the 19th May with our friends Happy Accidents.